Building a membership site is a great way for creators to build a stable, recurring revenue stream for their online business.

Types of Content

Depending on what you’re trying to do with your membership, you might want to include a variety of content types and delivery formats, and your platform should be able to support them.

For example, you may want to just offer a single piece of content every month (or week) or include some online courses as part of your membership as well.

Similarly, you can use a lot of different content delivery formats like videos, audio files, live coaching calls, newsletters, blog posts, downloadable checklists, etc.

Learning and Engagement Tools

There are a variety of learning and engagement tools that creators use in their memberships and what tools you require will depend on your membership model, the content types you use, your niche, etc.

For example, if you’re building an evergreen membership site, you might want to drip feed your content rather giving access to all content immediately.

Similarly, if you have a membership in, say the cybersecurity niche, you may require tools like quizzes, assignments, and certificates for your online courses.

Community Area

Creating a community is a great way to boost member engagement and in many cases, it is a major selling point for memberships.

While some creators use something like a Facebook Group for their community, a lot of them prefer to have a community area on their own website.

Membership Pricing Options

Since you are opting for a subscription model, you need to decide how frequently you want to charge your members.

The most popular payment options include monthly and annual payments. Moreover, you may also want to provide a free tier.

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