Jun 2, 2021 1 min read

Nikko is compatible with Ghost 5.0

Nikko is compatible with Ghost 5.0

Nikko is fully compatible with Ghost v4.

Ghost 4.0 comes with a lot of new and exciting features:

  • dashboard with detailed insights into how content and members are performing
  • memberships and subscriptions are now natively part of the core platform
  • email newsletters are now natively built into Ghost.
  • new post-preview UI, showing you what your post will look like on web, mobile, email, social and search
  • portal: an embedded memberships and subscriptions UI, which works with every Ghost theme.
  • member management now includes the ability to impersonate users for support, generate single-use authentication links, and collect cancellation feedback.
  • new members importer can migrate data from all other email and member platforms
  • and much more

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Jason Biron
Typical travel lover. Web aficionado. Subtly charming social media geek. Beer specialist. Entrepreneur. Lifelong tvaholic. Reader.
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